What a church believes doctrinally is very important, but how they conduct themselves and live out those truths is incredibly important as well. Culture is made up partially of what you believe, but also how you live out what you believe. We’d like to share a few of the core cultural earmarks of how we live out our faith.

“From Cooper City Affecting the World”

We believe that the purpose of the collective church and the individual Christian is to be salt and light. Salt changes the flavor of everything it touches. It can preserve and keep. Light brings direction and the ability to see clearly. It dispels fear and darkness. In other words, we are to impact and affect the world around us and those we come in contact with every day.

We believe that as the church, our job really starts when we leave the church building. Therefore, our goal, vision and mission is to affect our friends, family, co workers, neighbors in our community, state, country and other countries. We do this corporately through endeavors such as mission trips and community service projects. We do this individually by loving and serving those we come in contact with each and every day.

We are a Family

We believe that as a church we’re intended to be much more than just a community organization. When you’re born into the body of Christ, you’re adopted into a family. We strive to walk through life together, experiencing both the triumphs and difficulties, celebrating and supporting each other through it all.

We’re a Hospital, not a Hotel

If you spend enough time in any church, it can be easy to forget your purpose.  We do not exist solely as a place for Christians to hang out and rub shoulders with other Christians. We’re not a resort hotel for Christians who have already been healed and restored. Instead, we believe that we are called to serve as a hospital, constantly on the look out to meet the needs of any hurting person who we may come in contact with. We want to be certain that our eyes our externally focused.

Make it Better

We’ve been blessed with many talented, gifted individuals who contribute to numerous impacting events and ministries. However, we never want to grow complacent. We constantly ask the question, “How can we make it better.”

Talk About It

The mark of any solid family is not the absence of conflict. Every family has conflict. The mark of a solid, mature family is the ability to resolve those conflicts. Human nature compels us to either ignore conflict and bottle up our feelings or to explode in anger and attack.

Our goal is to discuss conflict in a healthy, respectful way in order to grow acknowledge and resolve any possible conflicts and grow in unity. If you see something positive, share it with everyone. If you see something negative, endeavor to have a potentially tough conversation with the involved parties in a respectful way with the goal of resolving the problem.

“If you’re not having fun serving God, you’re not doing it right.”


If you spend any amount of time around The Pentecostals of Cooper City, you’re likely to hear someone say this phrase.

Life can be difficult and we all go through through trying seasons, but we choose to face life with joy knowing that God wants to give His children blessings.