Media Teams

Wanna help us change the world?  If you have a little technical aptitude and want to help deliver hope to people by helping to stream, show and translate worship and the Word of God, this team’s for you!  

Get additional details on front of house, streaming, audio, online chat host and translation volunteer roles by clicking the link below.

Hospitality Teams

We love people and our hospitality teams greet and connect with our church family and guests every week.  Help us love and serve by reaching out as people come to worship!

Get additional details on greeters, ushers, welcome desk, parking, security and baptism volunteer roles by clicking the link below.

Kid's Serve Teams

We have a desire and goal to instill faith in the next generation.  If you love and have a burden for children, join us in serving our kids.
Please note:  there will be additional screening for these roles.

Get additional details by clicking the link below.

Prayer Team

Missions Teams

We believe that as the church, our job really starts when we leave the church building. Therefore, our goal, vision and mission is to affect our friends, family, co workers, neighbors in our community, state, country and other countries. We do this corporately through endeavors such as mission trips and community service projects. We do this individually by loving and serving those we come in contact with each and every day.

Get additional details on various missions and outreach serving opportunities by clicking the link below.