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POCC Kids Service | Sun. AM, May 24th

Sunday Evening Online Service w/ Tes Stewart | Sun., May 17th

One Woman Makes a Difference – David Bernard | Mother’s Day, Sun., May 10th

POCC Kids Service | Mother’s Day, Sun. AM, May 10th

Sunday Evening Online Service w/ Chris Green | Sun., May 3rd

Faith Like This – Pastor Hattabaugh | Sun. AM, May 3rd

POCC Kids Service | Sun. AM, May 3rd

Sunday Evening Online Service w/ Terry Shock | Sun., April 26th

It’s a Matter of Perspective – Pastor Hattabaugh | Sun. AM, April 26th

POCC Kids Service | Sun. AM, April 26th

Sunday Evening Online Service w/ Raymond Woodward | Sun., April 19th

You Can Touch Him – Pastor Hattabaugh | Sun. AM, April 19th

POCC Kids Service | Sun. AM, April 19th

Heaven We Have a Problem – Pastor Hattabaugh | Sun. AM, April 12th

POCC Kids Service | Sun. AM, April 12th

Online Communion | Thurs., April 9th

Interview w/ Rev. Kevin Payne (Licensed Christian Counselor) | Sun. PM, April 5th

POCC Portuguese Service – Daniel Gomes | Sun. AM, April 5th

I Am Persuaded/I Shall Not Be Moved – Pastor Hattabaugh | Sun. AM, April 5th

POCC Kids Service | Sun. AM, April 5th

Online Service w/ Victor Jackson | Sun. PM, March 29th

Keys to Hanging On – Pastor Hattabaugh | Sun. AM, March 29th

POCC Kids Service | Sun. AM, March 29th

The Power of Hope – Pastor Hattabaugh | Wed., March 25th

Online Prayer Meeting w/ Rev. Jason Sciscoe | Sun. PM, March 22nd

POCC Portuguese Service – Daniel Gomes | Sun. AM, March 22nd

The Unstoppable Church – Pastor Hattabaugh | Sun. AM, March 22nd

POCC Kids Service | Sun., March 22nd

Kumar Sukhu Funeral Service | Fri., March 20th

His Kingdom is the Kingdom of Peace – Pastor Hattabaugh | Wed., March 18th

Keep Looking Up – Pastor Hattabaugh | Sun. AM, Mar. 15th

Baby Dedication/The Fatherless Church – Chris Canter| Sun. PM, Mar 1st

The DNA of the Church – Repentance – Pastor Hattabaugh| Sun. AM, Mar 1st

Apostolic Themes in the Book of Hebrews IV – Gary Trzcinski| Wed., Feb. 26th

Jonah’s Journey – Paul Volan| Sun. PM, Feb. 23rd

The DNA of the Church – Back to the Beginning – Pastor Hattabaugh| Sun. AM, Feb. 23rd

Apostolic Themes in the Book of Hebrews III – Gary Trzcinski| Wed., Feb. 19th

Mission to France – Marcos Brainos | Sun. PM, Feb. 16th

The Gospel You Need to Hear – Cole Beebe | Sun. AM, Feb. 16th

It’s Time to Burn the Ships – Derrick Myers | Sun. PM, Feb. 9th

Recharge Your Faith – Do You Believe This? – Pastor Hattabaugh | Sun. AM, Feb. 9th

The Purge an Awakening and Transformation – Tracy Lewis | Sun. PM, Feb. 2nd

Recharge Your Faith – Pastor Hattabaugh | Sun. AM, Feb. 2nd

When You Pray – Your Kingdom Come – Jonathan Follmer | Wed., Jan. 29th

Jesus Bought A House – Pastor Hattabaugh | Sun. PM, Jan. 26th

El Roi – The God Who Sees Me – Steven Guttridge | Sun. AM, Jan. 26th

When You Pray – Hallowed Be Thy Name – Jonathan Follmer | Wed., Jan. 22nd

You Will Hear It Before You See It – Cole Beebe | Sun. PM, Jan. 12th

When You Pray – Our Father – Jonathan Follmer | Wed., Jan. 8th

New Year Communion Service – Pastor Hattabaugh | Sun. PM, Jan. 5th

Keep Your Focus – Pastor Hattabaugh | Sun. AM, Jan. 5th

New Year’s Eve | Tues., Dec. 31st

Christmas Eve | Tues., Dec. 24th

A Tree Lot Christmas Kids’ Program | Sun., Dec. 22nd

Seeking the Lost – Paul Volan | Wed., Dec. 18th

Extravagant Gifts – A Savior – Pastor Hattabaugh | Sun. AM, Dec. 15th

In It For the Clicks – Paul Volan | Wed., Dec. 11th

The Glory in the Storm – Victor Jackson | Sun. PM, Dec. 8th

Extravagant Gifts – The Gift of Love – Pastor Hattabaugh | Sun. AM, Dec. 8th

The Things I Forget – Paul Volan | Wed., Dec. 4th

I Just Saw Jesus – Gary Trzcinski | Sun. PM, Dec. 1st

Extravagant Gifts – The Gift of Grace – Pastor Hattabaugh | Sun. AM, Dec. 1st

Sis. Joyce Lindo Homegoing Service | Sat., Nov. 30th

It’s Not Blind Faith – Jesus Saves – Pastor Hattabaugh | Sun. AM, Nov. 24th

Matters of the Heart Part #2 – Steven Guttridge | Wed, Nov. 20th

Strength in Every Season – Jonathan Follmer | Sun. PM, Nov. 17th

Reasons for Hope – Paul Volan | Sun. AM, Nov. 17th

Matters of the Heart Part #1 – Steven Guttridge | Wed., Nov. 13th

Buried Treasure – Aaron Soto | Sun. PM, Nov. 10th

Finding Power in Your Pain – Aaron Soto | Sun. AM, Nov. 10th

A Little Farther – Donnie Mayle | Wed., Nov. 6th

God’s Holding Patterns – Tracy Lewis | Sun. PM, Nov. 3rd

If You Seek Him You Find Him – Pastor Hattabaugh | Sun. AM, Nov. 3rd

Give Them Back Their Well – Chris Canter | Wed., Oct. 30th

Faith Begins at Home – Pastor Hattabaugh | Sun. PM, Oct. 27th

It’s Not Blind Faith When We Worship – Pastor Hattabaugh | Sun. AM, Oct. 27th

Lior Haiat Farewell | Thurs., Oct. 24th

Forgiveness – Daniel Borges | Wed., Oct. 23rd

The Dangers of Drifting – Paul Volan | Sun. PM, Oct. 13th

Three Battles to Victory – Gary Trzcinski | Sun. AM, Oct. 13th

Pursue Holiness – Gary Trzcinski | Sun. PM, Sept. 22nd

A Counter Cultural Life – Tim Chesson | Sun. PM, Sept. 15th

It’s Not Blind Faith It’s Faith in the Word of God – Pastor Hattabaugh | Sun. AM, Sept. 15th

God Confidence – Ryan Raines | Sun. PM, Sept. 8th

When the Truth Speaks Part #3 – Paul Volan | Wed., Aug. 28th

The Need of the Madman– Mark Hattabaugh II | Sun. PM, Aug. 25th

When the Truth Speaks Part #2 – Paul Volan | Wed., Aug. 21st

Someone is Depending on You – Cole Beebe | Sun. PM, Aug. 18th

 When the Truth Speaks Part #1 – Paul Volan | Wed., Aug. 14th

 Why the Mountain Will not Move – Josh Carson | Sun. PM, Aug. 11th

The Danger of Clean Teeth – Josh Carson | Back to School Rally Fri., Aug. 9th

 Soft Power – Paul Volan | Wed., Aug. 7th

The Way – John Hattabaugh | Sun. PM, Aug. 4th

Never Finished – Paul Volan | Sun. AM, Aug. 4th

Looking for Trouble – Donnie Mayle | Wed., July 31st


When Faith Meets Your Miracle – Beau Million | Sun. PM, July 28th

 Hold to God’s Unchanging Hand – Javier Mercado | Wed., July 24th

The Cost of Rebuilding Jericho – Tracy Lewis | Sun. PM, July 21st


Salvation Ingredients – Pastor Hattabaugh | Sun. AM, July 21st